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Foundation Concepts are the strengths of a company. By identifying and focusing on the strengths of BC&M TRADING CO. S.A. we will ensure a rock-solid, vibrant company that will survive in the wake of changing markets and economies and one which will continue to meet the needs of our stakeholders, Customers, Employees, Suppliers and Stockholders.

Number Two

Our locations provide customer solutions for all power transmission, motion control and handling materials needs.

Number Three

The services and products we provide to our customers are dependable, efficient and cost effective.

Number Four

We make the best use of emerging technology in our business systems to provide value and convenience to our customers, suppliers and employees.

Number Five

We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of fiduciary responsibility so that we may continue to build upon our Foundation Concepts.

By Focusing our daily attention on maintaining and strengthening these Foundation Concepts we will create the definition of the best and establish the benchmark measurement of excellence in our industry.“